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Kimoun is an application created by a family caregiver for family caregivers. It is an easy to use tool, designed with caregivers and which responds to simple everyday problems. Whether it is a disabled child, a parent suffering from a chronic illness or an elderly neighbor, the observation is the same: helping is extremely rewarding but can quickly become overwhelming. In these moments, any participation is welcome.

Using Kimoun means communicating the small daily needs to everyone who wants to contribute. This answers a simple question: What can I do to help?

A loved one well surrounded and caregivers relieved

Better care

Taking care of a loved one is sometimes difficult to combine with daily life. Kimoun aims to improve home care by families and those around them. Your loved one is well supported and this contributes to their well-being.

Simple & efficient coordination

Helping requires a constant exchange of quality information between the different participants, but it is not always easy. Kimoun is the tool that will simplify your organization and help you coordinate everyone’s efforts for better long-term care.

Caregivers relieved

To help you have to stay in shape and have time for yourself. Kimoun facilitates the distribution of the common effort. This allows everyone to go the distance while allowing themselves moments of respite.

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